Two Thriving Ways of Marketing : Content & Social Media

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Two Thriving Ways of Marketing : Content & Social Media

Content Marketing

Today most of the consumers have shut-off the traditional world of marketing because they ignore magazine advertising, television advertising etc.

So, content marketing means it is a planned marketing approach, which basically focused on creating or making and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and keep a clearly- defined audience, to drive profitable customer action. The main purpose of content marketing is to attract and keep customers consistently for making relevant and valuable content with the motive of intensifying or changing of consumer behavior. Basically, it is an art of communicating with your end users or customers and the possibility of without selling. It is also known as non-interruption marketing.

Why content marketing is important to your business?

To understand this, there are the four steps of the buying cycle :

Awareness : The customers may not know the solution but the customer may have a need before awareness.

Research : Once the customer is aware of the solution and their needs, so they will perform research to know about more and educate themselves.

Consideration : At this stage or in this point, customer starts comparing different products or Apps from different vendors or from different Apps to make sure that which is best App or which is of high quality product at a fair price.


Buy : After searching and deciding, finally customer make their own decisions and do online transactions.

It is fact that content plays an important role in all marketing techniques and tactics, without this, there will be no goal that can’t be reached. From Content Marketing viewpoint, we see that basically, marketers focus on some key goals like : Brand Awareness, Customer retention and loyalty, engagement, lead generation.

Content marketing always requires a Strategy and a plan also. So many factors are there on which the scope of plan or strategy depends. A content marketing strategy should not be confused with a content strategy. It analyzes the different ways that how content marketing can be used across the customers voyage, the customer life cycle, and also customer touch points or experience.

Although content marketing is not just about or like as Digital Marketing. The digital dimension plays an expanding part as “Digital” sources and become more important for the journey of customers, the life cycle of customers, and most importantly customer experience and choices overall. Or we say that Digital Marketing is a “Subset”  of Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process of obtaining and achieving traffic and attention through social media sites. Basically, it is a form of internet marketing that implements or executed different social media networks, to achieving or gaining marketing communication and branding goals. It fundamentally covers activities involving social sharing of content, images, videos, for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media marketing.

The main goal of SMM is to generate or produce content, so that users will share with their social network, with the help of this company’s brand exposure also increase and expand customers reach. Social media often feeds into the finding of new content like new stories and “discovery” is a search activity. It can also helps to build links that can be turned support  into SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


For customer voice and market information, social media can be a very useful source. Blogs, forums, content communities are those platforms where each and everyone share their reviews and recommendations of brands, products, and services. It can be used as communication channels and not only as public relations and directing marketing tools.

Mobile phones are also plays an important role for social media because mobile phones have social networking capabilities, and also access to social networking sites.

The goals of content marketing are consumptions and then behavior but in social media marketing first participation and then behavior. We can say that social media is the new telephone but the content marketing is the new brochure.

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