Star Ratings Matters Just As Much As Online Reviews

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Star Ratings Matters Just As Much As Online Reviews

Everyone thoughts that Online Reviews are best but rating system is also a great way to create a dialogue between you and your users. Because you receive feedback easily on your service and your users feel like their opinion is heard. The stars are one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols of quality accommodation standards for any App in the world.

Apps are to be scattered with “Star ratings”, these days. Do visitors take any notice of them? With so many websites including such Star Ratings, they must be justified? After all, if everybody is doing it, then it must be good- right? Well, perhaps not.


There are a number of ways to make your App stand out, and if you having star ratings then really it is important one. Good App ratings help your app move up the search results and top chart rankings, and bring in much-needed social proofs for users. While the benefits of having great ratings are easy to understand, getting ratings is not easy at all.

App ratings can also affect important aspects of how people discover Apps. In the App store, app ratings are taken into for the  search results, and top chart rankings. Apps that have more ratings, and are also rated positively are less inclinable to fluctuate in the app ranking charts and therefore more likely to hold their positions for longer period. In search results, positive app ratings helps an App appear higher in the results.

Only reviews are not to increase the App rankings in the search results. Ratings and reviews are important and both are also key to app store optimization ( ASO ), the process of renovating your app to increase its ranking in the search results. They  improve the discoverability of your app. As from the research, it has shown that the general browsing is the one way that customers  discover or search  new Apps. Your App should be appeared in the top search results in order to gain traffic to your app’s page in the App Store.

A clear message coming through from the research that only, reviews are not important to increase the ranking in search results. Both Star Rating and Online Reviews matters if you want to see your app in Top Charts.

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