The basis of why we are here.

About MojoPromise


MojoPromise is a collective set of values, ethics and promises which we follow to make sure that the basic tenets on which MojoWorld was imagined works as perfectly as ever. MojoWorld was built on the premise that there could be a honest and efficient marketplace for talent owners to offer their time. On the other side, the Job Providers should get a just and reliable way of seeing their tasks completed in their way. Attribution and Appropriation has to be of the highest order for both the sides. We promise you that it will be.

For TaskProviders : Work Their Way

– Ability to provide the best tasks which could be in a particular domain
– To find the best talent for their job through our Talent Leverage Graph
– Performance data will be matched to allocate the best talent for the job
– Ensure that the task is attributed if it completed correctly
– MoneyProtect ensures that task doer gets paid only when the task is done as per your way

For TaskDoers

– Ability to showcase your capabilities to a global audience at a minimal cost
– Ability to price oneself rightly
– Ability to be protected of the correct attribution if work done as per terms of contract
– Ability to create a niche for the talent
– Retain Businesses by building a reputation