Importance Of Mobile Marketing

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Importance Of Mobile Marketing

Today mobile is feeding the world. As the usage of mobile rapidly grows, marketers also continue to explore new innovative and interesting ways to engage with customers and monetize the time for those people who are spending their time on devices. For most of the user’s, first thing is to check their smartphone in morning and last in night. Wherever, we go we can’t leave without smartphone in our hand.

There was a time when eMarketing was very much popular and also offering various benefits for the marketers. Now, with the advent of advanced mobile devices bringing in a lot more connectivity, for this reason Mobile Marketing is going far beyond eMarketing. Mobile marketing gives us user more and different advantages like : customization, lower cost, etc. and thereby reducing manpower.


Users always carry their smartphones or mobile phones with them and most of the time user spend their time on mobile phones, it means they receive the message at the very moment it is sent or if it is in standby mode, the also user received the message, when turns on his mobile device. It is because of only Mobile Marketing techniques, which is always instant. With the help of tracking system, user response can be tracked almost easily and instantaneously. Due to this the mobile marketer easily understand and analyze user behaviour, so that they improve their own standards of service.

On this role, Mobile Payment is very easy and convenient for the users today. Through Mobile Payment, users can have secured online payment environment. It means that the user doesn’t need to keep always physical currency each time, they want to make a mobile purchase or pay a bill online.

There is also some benefits of using Mobile Marketing Campaign. With the help of this you can :

Collection Of Relevant and Accurate Customer Data : Mobile Marketing is a best and an effective way to collect and maintain customer data. The expediency of mobile marketing can be tracked and evaluated by having strong constant personal IDs because the databases that uses the phone numbers as Unique IDs.

Increase Mobile Campaigns at Lower Prices : While comparing with the other traditional marketing channels, mobile marketing channels has a much lower CPM (Cost per Mille). In order to promote your mobile marketing campaigns, you have to integrated with other media channels because setup and marketing campaign preparation costs are lower.



Customer Relationship Management and Two Way Communication : According to Management Information Systems, phone numbers are as Unique personal IDs and help us to improve Customer Relationship Management integrity. While establishing two way communication, faithful and loyal customers can engage with their brands to build a strong relationship with them.

So, We also called mobile marketing is an extension of Internet or online marketing. With the help of this companies can directly contact with the consumers or customers, sending advertisements and updates straight to phones in the form of a text message.

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