Its Free.

Get the Mojo first : the place where it all starts in your android phone

Enter the app : The first page is your workplace

Start Doing Tasks : Install app, Play videos and look for other interesting tasks.

Complete Tasks Well : Read Instruction of each tasks and finish as it is mentioned.

Come back after finishing tasks in correct way : Always use back buttons to enter back inside mojo the app. Some people exit the current app and click on mojo app via screen. This loses connect and users doesnt get Points.

Accumulate : Once you have enough points, like 166 for 10 Rs payout or 1666 for a $1 payout you can take it out.

Redeem or Payout : Take Payout in the way you want. Recharges, Gift Vouchers, Cash or Great Product Deals

Referral earns you more: You can invite friends. Each active referral gets you enormous points.

Multiple Levels : When people whom you referred earn, you earn and it goes further at deeper levels. Good friends are always worth.

Promote Mojo : If you share Mojo to social places, you are going to earn big.