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To start earning with Mojo you need the app.Download Mojo from Play Store or Open this site in your Mobile.
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Start Mojo, start installing and playing with apps which are inside. Every thing which you do is worth lots of Money. You can see your balance as you do. I want to be a MojoMan


All your Mojos will be redeemed for Recharges, Gift Vouchers, Cash and Deals. It happens instantly. Recharges

Number 1 Recharge App


  • You open app and install apps, it turns into recharges!
  • Our amount for recharges are highest for each install.
  • Brands love you because you are engaged, earning and enjoying.


Many Ways to Earn


  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social channels. If any of friend downloads the shared apps, you get huge reward per install
  • Our Top Users have earned $11000 and around $1000 a month. $20 daily is a reality in Mojo. Check daily leaderboard.
  • Your referrals earn money then also you earn


More Rewards


  • We are constantly rewarding users who are actively engaging inside our app, referring it to friends, sharing videos and blogs about it.
  • We Reward such users as high as $1000.
  • Our commitment is to reward the engaged user first.


MojoWorld is about enduring the Values, Ethics and Promises at Workmanship

More on MojoPromise

Mojo has helped us add a consistent incremental five-figure revenue stream to my app that was extremely easy to integrate without affecting our existing user experience.


There was no way my Retailers could experience a better loyalty program in-stores.

A Professional from Unilever

Making my app tested by so many capable people was a big nightmare. Mojo solved this core issue which so many app owners have in a breeze. Through Mojo I want to thank all the honest reviewers of my app.

An App Studio Giant

Task World

Task World is the biggest pervasive online workplace where you can perform a task and earn for it. Choose a work that best suits you and lend a helping hand.


MojoMen is the world’s largest community of taskers. Earn Mojos for every microwork you finish.


MojoMen can challenge each other to earn higher MojoJuice. When the time comes, you can challenge other MojoMen under “best picks” and lead your way up.