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Trippy makes your music wire free. It is fundamentally a gadget that you can join to any speaker utilizing a standard aux link and this gadget will transform your speakers into Wi-Fi empowered speakers. Trippy permits you to stream any music/sound from your telephones or PCs to your speakers. Since Trippy can make utilization of WiFi to stream music, you can therefore utilize Trippy to let music play from different phones while you and your friends are are celebrating.

Trippy works with the Trippy application that comes free of cost on Android and iOS stores. This app helps to join Trippy to your nearby Wi-Fi for smooth streaming music. This thought of playing music through Wi-Fi came into the mind of Mr. Omkar Kulkarni who is a programmer in Witworks


Trippy is a very compact gadget that can be conveyed any place. What’s more, its back up is 5 hours streaming with Wi-Fi. Hotspot streaming is also a feature and fits effectively in both your pocket and in addition satchel.

Consistent Connectivity

Have you ever wanted to walk into your house while listening to your favourite tunes? Now, you have don’t need to keep your phone attached to the speakers for this. You can easily connect Trippy to the speakers for wireless streaming of music. This is the thing that makes Trippy good with all music streaming iOS applications that incorporate the mainstream applications like Gaana, Deezer and Spotify.

Trippy plays music from all stages

Trippy has the productivity to play music from each and every platform and from an extensive variety of Android and iOS applications. All file formats like Wav, mp3 and Flac are supported by Trippy.

No Interruption

Trippy gives you a chance to listen music with no interference. You can accept calls, wander all through your home Wi-Fi systems and the music will stay go on. Trippy streaming of music is completely hassle free.

Trippy is open to all applications

Trippy is accessible for utilization through any application because of its Broadcast API. You can stream crude sound from any of your applications. You can likewise play music straightforwardly from the web.

Looks Amazing

This beautiful gadget looks amazing. The LED ring is configurable and is extraordinary in its looks because of its shape.

Its Totally Free

The Trippy API is completely free of expense to make it accessible to everybody for utilization. Being free of cost, Trippy makes it simpler for you to implement any application.

Trippy makes good use of efficient streaming algorithms and optimizes its processing and power requirements. This is what makes it last longer. Even when being on a single charge, Trippy is powerful and can stream music for long hours. Trippy has raised ₹ 8,12,593 and over 472 devices has been pre-booked.

So are you ready to enjoy your most loved playlist on your speakers? Trippy just makes it a reality.

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