Mojo : An Alternative for Paid Recharge

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Mojo : An Alternative for Paid Recharge

The telecom business in India is developing at a fast speed, and most of the commitment has originated from the Mobile industry, what with the fixed line telephone business in India logging a negative development in 4-5 years back. Planning much deeper in the wireless section, yet another interesting simple fact appears that this post-paid (or billing) section seldom makes up lesser in comparison with 1/5th of the overall cellphone users.

And so, proceeding by the above working out one can possibly claim that from 950 million wireless users, in excess of 800 million tend to be prepaid cellphone users. This produces us towards the chances awaited in the immense sizing on the mobile internet and prepaid recharge company in the Indian telecom industry.

Although the majority of the big telecom operators currently have some sort of compacted (offline) network regarding distributors along with stores with critical areas along with numerous market sites – it is the business of online prepaid recharges which is the center of all the attraction. While user base for telecom subscribers exploding along with range, many recharge sources(third party) started out jostling due to this growing part. Apart from that, they lure users by giving discount and many such offers to increase their user base.

From total prepaid recharges in India, Online prepaid recharge is less than 5% of total, but given the size of Indian telecom industry even this amount runs at a whooping thousand billion of business. However, the greater tech-savvy young technology starts off tapping this specific rising market involving on the web prepaid recharge, this specific nascent sector is usually ready growing by here.

If we look at users point of view, an average Indian user spend 450-500 Rupees per month for Mobile recharges and data packs. Mobile operators are making profits with each new schemes and every new offers. Smartphone users are the only entity who pay for all. User spend their precious time and hard earned money to all the new offers and still they don’t get any profit.

So what’s your move on it?

Mojo is the best resource to egress from this.

Every tap you make. Every step you take. Get rewarded for it.

Mojo helps you to earn your daily prepaid recharge and data packs. Don’t be a puppet of any telecom operator. Don’t get trapped in fake lucrative offers of recharge sources. Increase your Mojo wallet power to become the top notch earner.

Mojo emerged as the best alternative for online prepaid recharge.

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