Google’s Mobile Search Optimization on Android

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Google’s Mobile Search Optimization on Android


Google’s mobile search results on Android will now apt you to install mobile apps that feature  relevant content to your search problem. This basically transforms Google’s portable indexed lists page into an application revelation benefit and will probably be a real help for app developers.

According to Techcrunch, Given the overall shift to mobile, good content now often lives inside of apps, where search engines can’t typically find it. To fix this, Google introduced App indexing in late 2013, which let the search engine index content from a select number of apps and link to it from its search results pages.Today’s update takes the concept of App indexing to its next logical step by helping users find relevant content in apps they don’t already have on their phones.

Here is what all of this will look like in practice: Say you are searching for free mobile recharge and Google’s algorithms determine that that there is a top app that provide free recharge for you. You will now see a carousel with relevant apps and a prominent install button right next to them. From there, you’re taken to the Google Play store to install the app. Once the app is installed, you simply click “continue” and the app will open with the content you were looking for.

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This is going to be a huge deal for mobile app developers. App discovery, after all, is still very much an unsolved problem and anything that gets an install button for a relevant app in front of more people (especially if there’s no need to pay for it) is a good thing.



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