Mojo is a guy who loves doing things which he is good at

Coffee-destroyer, Fanatic-Blogger, erratic youtube watcher, Downloads every ebook his friend shared . Nerd-by looks. Passionate dreamer. Has created a lot of great business models on paper. He is very important, busy and now facebook doesnt hook him much. He is seen all the picture his friends have posted till now and will post.

He has learned that he doesnt know much but he is ready to learn and try. He has also learned that people will pay for what he knows. Life is blessing and he enjoys every bit of it.

He enjoys life one step at a time, biting one cookie, sipping one coffee and downloading one more of those things on Mobile. Okay. And in between he will check on his boss or do the slides or may be check on how many slides or how many slides to minutes is left

He has never been a millionaire but being a millionaire is his darling goal

Amused by the changing nature of the world, there is a new variety of species which has understood that knowledge is fine but where is honey-sweet money. Who is going to look for me apart from my friends on facebook. So he is ready to take tasks. He wants to get paid for what he does. He wants it fair. He is looking for value for his time in the real sense of word.

He is real and he is a medium.

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