App Description Mojotheapp pays you for Doing Tasks. Corporates post tasks and services. We pay you for finishing tasks. Anybody can hire, use, ask you for their tasks and services. You will be paid for it. Who is giving tasks Brands SME Startups Corporates Individuals What is the task Creative Tasks : Write, Code, Research, Design, Build, Speak, Sing, Answer, Draw, Prepare, Dance, keeping fit, Caring etc Promotional Tasks : Market, Install, Download, Promote, Explain, Go, Click, Scan, Upload, Share, Run, playing, Maintaining, Using, tweeting, How can I Join Alone: Download and start doing tasks Join a group : Look for groups who How it works They give tasks You finish the tasks You get paid for finished tasks How do we get paid In Cash, Giftcards, Coupons, Deals, virtual currency Other Rewards You get paid for Internet Spent. (Seriously we are not going to eat up your internet) You get paid for sharing You get paid for keeping apps and opening them. You get paid for increasing your referrals You get paid for opening our app daily. Levels Skill levels Earnings levels Like us on Facebook: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] The following actions are prohibited: – Using VPN, proxy or any others which allow illegal(abnormal) access to Mojotheapp – Using multiple IDs with one device – Using multiple devices with one ID – Any other actions that might cause the benefit of Mojotheapp and its users Those who engage the actions above will get banned and the credit will be forfeited. Also, don’t put your invitation code in your Google Play review. It might cause your account banned. What users say “Can there be a place I can earn $300 cash a day by promoting a great Brand” “Cash or not, I get the satisfaction of serving a great company. Best Reward app” “Cash was paid immediately i finished the task, best reward app” “I love modelling 3D and now I have faster ways to monetize my skills. Rewards are cool” “The only thing I know is drawing sketches, I never knew I could get such a great deal or cash by doing it daily. I feel like earning gold for things i love “ “Discover new apps with Mojotheapp. I did that and they gave me $312 in cash last month. It was such an amazing thing. I found some really filtered apps.” “Its the most credible, safe and reliable place to freelance. Plenty of work for everybody” Cash : You earn cash by doing tasks. Reward : All Earnings from tasks can be converted into desired rewards. Point : Mojo is the point used in Mojotheapp. Giftcard : To inspire and motivate a range of skilled people, we have the option of paying people in giftcards sponsored by amazon, paypal, XBOX and many others. Coupon : Some promotional tasks can reward you with coupons Free : Mojotheapp membership is always free and will be rewarding as ever. Profitable : Corporates posts job on Mojotheapp because it is profitable to hire the best talent at this cost Deal: Some corporates/brands pay you to see and buy their deals too. Offers: Some corporates and Brands will pay you with their exclusive Brand offers. Pay : Mojotheapp pays you for your skills, talents, social virtue and your efforts to be productive. Saving : Mojotheapp can also find you deals which can lead to big savings. Earning : Mojotheapp makes sure you earn for your earnings and you get rewarded for each completed job. Sell : At mojotheapp, you are selling your skills and services Buy: We are a marketplace for tasks and services and Corporates but tasks and services from this marketplace. Discount : We get exclusive Brand discounts in the form of some rewards. Checking : Some brands may reward us for visiting the malls, stores and being there. Its good to collect some mojos for visiting stores and checking through mojotheapp Prize: There will be prizes for collecting maximum Mojos in a week. Raffle : Some brands also give raffle way to pass some mojos to you. Wallet : All your earned Mojos are secure in the Mojo wallet. Coin : Mojo is the coin or currency of the Mojoworld Earn : Earn more mojos for putting Moj’s for doing creative tasks on site. Discover : Discover apps is one of the promotional tasks Downloading : You can download digital assets through Mojotheapp. Credits : Mojotheapp makes sure the credits which you earned will be reflected in your account Rebate: Mojotheapp also has offerwall which makes sure you get some cool offers on stores. Watch: You can also watch a few ads and creatives to earn Mojos Trying: Trying a few digital assets, giving them correct feedback will earn you some Mojos. Thats the beautiful part. Ex: Earn Mojos for installing apps Brands : Brands pay for their promotional and creative jobs. Take selfie : A new user behaviour which has started getting fancy of Brands is taking selfie with their Brand Gift : You can create a beautiful Gift Moj and look for buyers for the service. Ecoupons: Ecoupons are a reward mechanism for tasks done. Scratch cards: Electronic Scratch cards can be given for tasks completed as bonus. loyalty : Some brands look for Mojotheapp for Loyalty campaigns. Like they will ask you to open their apps once a month to show the loyalty. Yes they will pay well. Membership: Some Brands are here to increase membership of their brands and thy are ready to pay for it. Visiting : Visiting some local stores or restaurants or some place which the Brand may insist will get some extra Mojos. If you are anyways going somewhere dont forget to open Mojotheapp. Purchase : Mojotheapp wallet allows you to purchase things on various stores. Cards: All cards will be there to buy Moj Tickets : Show tickets, event tickets will also be a reward mechanism. e-gifts: You can also send mojos as e-gifts surveys : Some tasks may involve some surveys to earn mojos trend: Some tasks will be trending. Trending tasks are always more rewarding income: Your income will be taxed. Scan: Some promotional tasks will require scanning some images and codes