Growth of Affiliate Marketing For Mobile Apps

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First Know about What is Affiliate Marketing?

Revenue sharing between online advertisers or traders and publishers or sales representatives, whereby remuneration depends on execution measures, commonly as deals, clicks, sales, enrollments, or a hybrid model.


The advertisers or dealers are ordinarily alluded to as affiliate traders and the publishers or business people are alluded to as affiliates.

Advantages of affiliate marketing involves the capability for automating a great part of the advertising process (accepting and approving applications, creating unique and different sales link, reporting of results) and payment just for desired results (deals, registrations, clicks, sales).

Affiliate Marketing for Mobile Apps

Always we much discussed about ‘ Year of the Mobile ‘ appears to have arrived, Advertiser’s dedication to giving an integrated mobile offering has picked up a momentum, with mobile application and website following usage. While empowering cross-device conversion following will permit Advertisers to optimize their conversion touch focuses and pull in more top performing mobile traffic publishers, it brings up the issue of how mobile applications fit into the general client procurement blend.

banner-10Change  in Customer Behaviour

As from the market research,M-commerce is estimated to produce very nearly a quarter of online purchases, with applications driving the best approach to grow the online customer experience. Furthermore, with consumers holding onto Mobile as a feature of their purchase venture, both Advertisers and Publishers need to reconsider how they approach this movement in customer conduct.

Sponsors or Advertisers should broaden their Publisher portfolios so as to exploit both traditional E-commerce and M-commerce activity channels. App publishers are as yet developing to their mobile activity networks, and in this way tend to drive extensive volumes of nonexclusive activity rather than focused activity of targeted Apps. Advertisers are urged to work on a publisher by publisher premise with a specific end goal to get the best campaign results.

The opportunities in Mobile App Affiliate marketing is that Affiliate market requires some re-teaching as mobile keeps on expanding in significance. A dominant part of affiliate don’t know where to find mobile application offers, in light of the fact that the traditional network either aren’t uncovering them or not offering mobile specific campaigns. Affiliate networks represent considerable authority in mobile applications are simply beginning. Couple of advertisers and affiliates comprehend the tracking procedure of mobile, which requires distinctive techniques from the cookie based frameworks that dominate the desktop.

Affiliate Marketing Working Strategy & Style

Commonly advertisers rewards affiliates in light of actions that produce measurable worth to the advertiser. 80% of affiliate network programs today utilize revenue sharing or Cost per Sale(CPS) as a pay technique, and some of the  percent use Cost per Action(CPA), and the remaining use different strategies, such as, Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Mille (CPM).

Cost per Action (CPA) or sale techniques require that referred visitors accomplish more than visit the advertiser’s website before the affiliate gets a commission. The advertiser must change over that visitor first. It is to the greatest advantage of the affiliate to send the most very focused traffic to the advertiser as could reasonably be expected keeping in mind the end goal to increase the shot of a conversion. Therefore, the risk and loss are shared between the affiliate and advertisers.

Advertisers support affiliate marketing in light of the fact that by and large it utilizes the “pay for performance” model, implying that the advertiser does not bring about marketing cost unless results are collected (excluding any beginning setup costs).

The process of Affiliate Marketing Process for Mobile Apps is :

banner-11First, Affiliates paid for more online apps, which are active and currently running in the market. After that, for more online apps, affiliates create a strong relationship with the advertisers. Then, in third step publishers or advertisers will advertise the Apps. Then after, the smartphone users will interact or see the ads and also the apps received by the interested smartphone users. And in the last, the users will download more and more Apps, as per their requirements.

Importance of Mobile Affiliate Tracking

Usually selecting an adjusted Publisher portfolio to drive application sales, Advertisers must guarantee they have the best possible tracking technology required to do as such. E-commerce affiliate tracking is generally done utilizing a cookie, which is then affirmed utilizing a pixel on the thank you or confirmation page.

In App cases, this turns out to be more complicated with the expansion of the app store or Google play as a middle person. With a specific end goal to effectively track the app download through the affiliate platform a Software Development Kit (SDK) must be installed in the app obliging re-submission to the app store. This permits an confirmation pixel to flame upon first opening of the app by the user or client.

In future also mobile apps in Affiliate marketing has been a great relationship because there is no doubt mobile arrives to sit tight. As we saw and discussed that mobile internet usage is expected to double again. New apps are downloaded every day and in-app purchases keep on expanding.

Social Media Affect Search Marketing

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Social Media and Search Engine Marketing : Are they correlative or two extremely unmistakable channels.

I think the answer is the greater part of the above, depending upon the circumstance. The development in attention to social media as an marketing, correspondence and group building opportunity merits consideration by a wide range of online advertisers, particularly those in inquiry promoting.

How it affects?

Searchers no more have the sole desire of hunting to find information of particular outcome. As individuals spend more time connecting, sharing and collaborating to the social site, they now regularly hope to associate with what they find in the search results.

Searchers have dependably possessed the capacity to save the helpful things they find in search results by bookmarking or saving to the top choices in the browsers. Bookmarks are presently social, to be shared and utilized through the aggregate wisdom of inclinations from other like minded searchers. The development and popularity of socially enabling web applications drive consumers desires for social interactions with search much more.

Another angle to searcher desires is that consumers search social media sites to a little degree, as a distinct options for standard search for information, references and suggestions. Individuals don’t trust formal marketing messages and there is something innately more dependable about recommendations made by others willing to take an ideal opportunity to review products/services and impart their opinions. Marketers understand this clearly and thus, there has been an increase in the number of “fake” reviews on e-business sites.




Keywords and links aren’t the main strategies SEOs employ with content optimization. Ease of use becomes an integral factor too and making it simple for consumers for a web site content to socially save, submit and interact with that content meets in increasing social desires.

Distinction in Context of Search Marketing and Social media

Time went through with the social web includes numerous sorts of interactions with like minded people in a group or network, one of which is searching for and sharing recommendations. As we specified some time recently, people don’t tend to trust formal advertising messages. The main objective for search engines and search advertisers to make their advertisements (ads) more valuable and relevant to searchers, that is not generally the situation. The interest in time with a social group, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, along with the  quality of interactions fabricates trust that is hard to duplicate in online advertising as we most aware of it.

Effect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing endeavors that make conversations and buzz can impact questions on keywords utilized as a part of search the same way advertising and the aftereffect of advertising through media scope can drive search traffic.

In social web circumstances, a great thought can spread rapidly, driving individuals to search for more formal data. The push is the actuation of another idea in social media circumstances, giving helpful data and inciting discussions about it.

Another viewpoint to the push and pull impact includes content i.e made by marketers and discussions that leave an social media marketing exertion that can likewise rank in the search results. Making socially empowered content that is advanced for keyword phrases with built up interest permits a brand, product or organization to possess various positions on the same search query. By socially empowering that content with save or offer or comment features, marketers encourage conveyance inside of social groups.

Here, the push is the making of optimized content that incorporates features to make it simpler to go inside of social groups. Such a large number of individuals are enabled to connection to content on the web through blogging, remarking on blogs, client produced content and reviews that the upgraded content can accomplish wanted visibility inside of standard web search tools. The pull originates from individuals searching standard web search tools down things they need and finding the upgraded content.

So, online social situations are an energizing and critical improvement changing the flow of marketers and organizations. The aggregate implications got from this late stream of research are helpful to senior advertising executives tasked with overseeing and utilizing their organizations, social media programs.

Two Thriving Ways of Marketing : Content & Social Media

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Two Thriving Ways of Marketing : Content & Social Media

Content Marketing

Today most of the consumers have shut-off the traditional world of marketing because they ignore magazine advertising, television advertising etc.

So, content marketing means it is a planned marketing approach, which basically focused on creating or making and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and keep a clearly- defined audience, to drive profitable customer action. The main purpose of content marketing is to attract and keep customers consistently for making relevant and valuable content with the motive of intensifying or changing of consumer behavior. Basically, it is an art of communicating with your end users or customers and the possibility of without selling. It is also known as non-interruption marketing.

Why content marketing is important to your business?

To understand this, there are the four steps of the buying cycle :

Awareness : The customers may not know the solution but the customer may have a need before awareness.

Research : Once the customer is aware of the solution and their needs, so they will perform research to know about more and educate themselves.

Consideration : At this stage or in this point, customer starts comparing different products or Apps from different vendors or from different Apps to make sure that which is best App or which is of high quality product at a fair price.


Buy : After searching and deciding, finally customer make their own decisions and do online transactions.

It is fact that content plays an important role in all marketing techniques and tactics, without this, there will be no goal that can’t be reached. From Content Marketing viewpoint, we see that basically, marketers focus on some key goals like : Brand Awareness, Customer retention and loyalty, engagement, lead generation.

Content marketing always requires a Strategy and a plan also. So many factors are there on which the scope of plan or strategy depends. A content marketing strategy should not be confused with a content strategy. It analyzes the different ways that how content marketing can be used across the customers voyage, the customer life cycle, and also customer touch points or experience.

Although content marketing is not just about or like as Digital Marketing. The digital dimension plays an expanding part as “Digital” sources and become more important for the journey of customers, the life cycle of customers, and most importantly customer experience and choices overall. Or we say that Digital Marketing is a “Subset”  of Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process of obtaining and achieving traffic and attention through social media sites. Basically, it is a form of internet marketing that implements or executed different social media networks, to achieving or gaining marketing communication and branding goals. It fundamentally covers activities involving social sharing of content, images, videos, for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media marketing.

The main goal of SMM is to generate or produce content, so that users will share with their social network, with the help of this company’s brand exposure also increase and expand customers reach. Social media often feeds into the finding of new content like new stories and “discovery” is a search activity. It can also helps to build links that can be turned support  into SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


For customer voice and market information, social media can be a very useful source. Blogs, forums, content communities are those platforms where each and everyone share their reviews and recommendations of brands, products, and services. It can be used as communication channels and not only as public relations and directing marketing tools.

Mobile phones are also plays an important role for social media because mobile phones have social networking capabilities, and also access to social networking sites.

The goals of content marketing are consumptions and then behavior but in social media marketing first participation and then behavior. We can say that social media is the new telephone but the content marketing is the new brochure.

Importance Of Mobile Marketing

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Importance Of Mobile Marketing

Today mobile is feeding the world. As the usage of mobile rapidly grows, marketers also continue to explore new innovative and interesting ways to engage with customers and monetize the time for those people who are spending their time on devices. For most of the user’s, first thing is to check their smartphone in morning and last in night. Wherever, we go we can’t leave without smartphone in our hand.

There was a time when eMarketing was very much popular and also offering various benefits for the marketers. Now, with the advent of advanced mobile devices bringing in a lot more connectivity, for this reason Mobile Marketing is going far beyond eMarketing. Mobile marketing gives us user more and different advantages like : customization, lower cost, etc. and thereby reducing manpower.


Users always carry their smartphones or mobile phones with them and most of the time user spend their time on mobile phones, it means they receive the message at the very moment it is sent or if it is in standby mode, the also user received the message, when turns on his mobile device. It is because of only Mobile Marketing techniques, which is always instant. With the help of tracking system, user response can be tracked almost easily and instantaneously. Due to this the mobile marketer easily understand and analyze user behaviour, so that they improve their own standards of service.

On this role, Mobile Payment is very easy and convenient for the users today. Through Mobile Payment, users can have secured online payment environment. It means that the user doesn’t need to keep always physical currency each time, they want to make a mobile purchase or pay a bill online.

There is also some benefits of using Mobile Marketing Campaign. With the help of this you can :

Collection Of Relevant and Accurate Customer Data : Mobile Marketing is a best and an effective way to collect and maintain customer data. The expediency of mobile marketing can be tracked and evaluated by having strong constant personal IDs because the databases that uses the phone numbers as Unique IDs.

Increase Mobile Campaigns at Lower Prices : While comparing with the other traditional marketing channels, mobile marketing channels has a much lower CPM (Cost per Mille). In order to promote your mobile marketing campaigns, you have to integrated with other media channels because setup and marketing campaign preparation costs are lower.



Customer Relationship Management and Two Way Communication : According to Management Information Systems, phone numbers are as Unique personal IDs and help us to improve Customer Relationship Management integrity. While establishing two way communication, faithful and loyal customers can engage with their brands to build a strong relationship with them.

So, We also called mobile marketing is an extension of Internet or online marketing. With the help of this companies can directly contact with the consumers or customers, sending advertisements and updates straight to phones in the form of a text message.

Star Ratings Matters Just As Much As Online Reviews

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Star Ratings Matters Just As Much As Online Reviews

Everyone thoughts that Online Reviews are best but rating system is also a great way to create a dialogue between you and your users. Because you receive feedback easily on your service and your users feel like their opinion is heard. The stars are one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols of quality accommodation standards for any App in the world.

Apps are to be scattered with “Star ratings”, these days. Do visitors take any notice of them? With so many websites including such Star Ratings, they must be justified? After all, if everybody is doing it, then it must be good- right? Well, perhaps not.


There are a number of ways to make your App stand out, and if you having star ratings then really it is important one. Good App ratings help your app move up the search results and top chart rankings, and bring in much-needed social proofs for users. While the benefits of having great ratings are easy to understand, getting ratings is not easy at all.

App ratings can also affect important aspects of how people discover Apps. In the App store, app ratings are taken into for the  search results, and top chart rankings. Apps that have more ratings, and are also rated positively are less inclinable to fluctuate in the app ranking charts and therefore more likely to hold their positions for longer period. In search results, positive app ratings helps an App appear higher in the results.

Only reviews are not to increase the App rankings in the search results. Ratings and reviews are important and both are also key to app store optimization ( ASO ), the process of renovating your app to increase its ranking in the search results. They  improve the discoverability of your app. As from the research, it has shown that the general browsing is the one way that customers  discover or search  new Apps. Your App should be appeared in the top search results in order to gain traffic to your app’s page in the App Store.

A clear message coming through from the research that only, reviews are not important to increase the ranking in search results. Both Star Rating and Online Reviews matters if you want to see your app in Top Charts.

Mobile Applications Development And Its Influence On Indian Market !!!

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Mobile Applications Development And Its Influence On Indian Market !!!

Worldwide, there are more than one billion mobile device users. In India with the prevalence of Smartphones, nearly half of online access comes only from smart mobile device users. With the passing days the demand of these smart mobile handsets may further soar up and also the demand for compatible mobile applications may gear up in the fashion. In India the expected number of smartphone users may reach approx  400 million by the end of 2016 and around 75.1 million mobile app downloads by 2017.



While comparing with any other country around the globe, every year India contributes the highest number of internet users. As per the reports of IAMAI (The Internet and mobile Association Of India) up to June 30, 2015, around 52 million consumers gained access to the Internet compared to the previous year. These findings are ensuring a huge profit in the Mobile Applications Development market i.e expected cross INR 32 Billion by the end of year 2017.

Mobile Applications Development Impact On Indian User’s Behavior

Following examples are of Indian users behavior towards their mobile usages :

A rapid growth can be seen among mobile payment apps, the popular names are PayTm and MobikWik, which are attracting lots of users.

Transportation app is an another important category and popular examples named as Ola cab as a market leader in India. Other big players in this segment are Meru and Airport Taxis.

In the entertainment and food categories, Bookmyshow and Foodpanda are popular. Bookmyshow users can buy movie tickets directly from its site. You can also order your choice of food by sitting in home also from different restaurants which are nearby to your home by using Foodpanda.

Popularity of music in Indian culture has explored another area for mobile music streaming apps such as Saavn, is more popularly known for online streaming music on inexpensive phones with lesser in-built storage.

There is another main effect of using so many smartphones and Apps using in India is the successful launching of 3G and 4G LTE technologies.





“” Mobile is our communications hub, our source of consumption, car keys, our credit card, our calendars. The future of sms relies on customer communication. ! Having the highest reach, sms will be the most powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers. “”

So, in this scenario our App also plays an important role in Indian market, you can get so many benefits from our App, we developed the Mojo App, which also user friendly and user do anything from our App like : shopping, Free Recharge, Entertainment, Foods & Restaurants, Transportation, Banking etc.

So, we are not going to stop here. We are trying to see an upward drift with many more possibilities to our App, so that users can get more benefits from home only.

REFER N EARN – The Power of User Connectivity

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REFER N EARN – The Power of User Connectivity

Mojo’s referral program gives you an opportunity to earn free money just by referring your friends. It’s Simple, Engaging and Profitable!! For every friend referral, you can earn 400 Mojo Points. You can refer as many friends as you wish and you are rewarded for every referred person with us.


While you are referring to your friend, your friend can install the app and also earn Mojos. When you are seating at home you earn money easily. There are lots of people spend money on apps for android OS along with free users. But most of you Android users are not much aware that you can earn rewards by using special applications on your smartphone. Never pay for mobile balance. Yeah that’s true. You just need to install and do some really easy tasks. If you have smartphones, then you can easily earn free mobile recharge, freecharge Promo codes, free paytm cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart Gift Voucher & much more.

Mojo gives free cash and gift cards for referring and completing surveys. We can redeem our money using paypal or flipkart vouchers.

With the help of referral points, User can use paytm gift vouchers for shopping. You can also take benefits of recharging your mobile from Paytm and use Paytm offers also. From paytm which claims to have 100 million users and is considered the biggest player in the market to Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. You have different and verities of option to use your referral points. Mojo’s payout is highest among all the apps working in the same field.

Refer N Earn is one of the easiest way of earning money and do what you want with that money.

Here, we conclude that this is another way to earn real money by referring & Sign Up. So, start refer your friends now and earn some mojos, which can be converted into Real money.

Travel With Mobile Balance : Anytime, Everywhere

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Travel With Mobile Balance : Anytime, Everywhere

Mojo is India’s highest paying and largest offers providing free recharge platform – inspired and driven by a commitment to great consumer experience and user benefits. Mojo is also a leading Mobile talktime and data recharge provider for free.

If you are out of station and ran out of mobile balance, Mojo will be your companion. If you have no cash to gift yourself, then Mojo is there to provide gift offers for you. You no longer need to worry about anything because Mojo is there.

How does Mojo benefit users?

1) It allows users to offer much larger services and more profits to earn. This is a great way to make more money doing what you love.

2) Your mobile will never run out of talktime, this is Mojo’s promise. This way, you can be reassured that you will get paid for your hard work. For every task you perform, for every click you do and for every offers you avail – You will be paid.

3) Mojo also helps expand your communication with the rest of the world by letting other introduce with this awesome service. For every refer you will make there will be a high price for it. Bring this personal benefit in public, make it easier to manage workflow and increase your profit from anywhere.

Today Mojotheapp is one of the largest and most trusted app in the market. It is a new way to increase user activity. Mojo can detect when and how often people use an app and reimburse their data costs. You don’t have to worry about your recharges from now on.
Mojotheapp offers Mobile Balance which is very precious today, nothing is more valuable than mobile data and talktime.

Mojo app is also giving pure cash. Yes, you heard it right!!!
You can take home the money in form of cash that you earned from Mojo easily. It is the best suited way for everyone to earn money by doing what they love to do. You will get money for every new download. You will credited with talktime for each video you see, for every game you play and for every friend you share.

Win gift vouchers and coupons on regular basis for free. Your fashion will be unstoppable with Mojo offers. Win all the e-commerce vouchers just by using the Mojo.

So, from the next time when you are planning to travel a new place, don’t worry about your data and balance.

Mojo is the fuel that your Phones wanted to keep your journey going!!!

No Sleep Till You Earn : Mojo Will Be Your Genie

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No Sleep Till You Earn : Mojo Will Be Your Genie

In today’s busy schedule, everybody is looking for some rewards. Whether they are in form of cash, gift offers or any other luxury. Every time we see a free talktime offer, it always prove to be a fake trick. But Mojo changes the every user’s perspective. Up to this point, in rising economies, users have been spending an average of 10% of their day by day wage on mobile data and talktime. That is a lot of cash in such geographies. Mojo is a complete solution for all these daily life problems. Mojo app is the easiest way to discover useful apps and getting rewarded(free talktime, gift vouchers etc.) for it.
People say Genie is not real, but Mojo will be your Genie forever.

Here are some factors that will show that Mojo is the best option for you-

Stay Organized and Stay Cool
Mojo is a fast and easy way to discover mobile content and get free easy recharge on your mobile phone. Mojo lets you use all the top trending apps in the world. You can install those apps and get the benefit from them. Try and give yourself a set amount of time to work. Never left behind from latest trends. Creating a to do list can also really help you stay organised. Write down everything you want to achieve long term, Mojo gives you this option also. Achieve your targets, stay organized and be cool.

Get in the spirit
The idea of Mojo app is simple ‘Complete the tasks and get rewarded for it’. Mojo is the easiest and best way to earn free recharge in India. For every step you do, you get paid. For each clicks you make, you will be instantly credited. For every hobby you follow, there will be a reward for it. So keep in line, get in the spirit and win free talktime.

Offers, Coupons and Vouchers
Mojo has more number of offers and high paying tasks than any other free recharge app. Mojo’s strategy is to capture the attention of the consumer by offering products or services free of charge. Mojo believe in this approach because it is fair and efficient. You can win the gift cards and cash vouchers daily with Mojo. Mojo is highly cost effective and insightful engagement. Making everyone happy is good business.

Enjoy yourself!!
Most importantly, enjoy what you are doing and be happy! If you are out of balance, Mojo is there. If you need a new pair of clothes or want to go for movie with friends, Mojo is there. If you are looking for extra cash or a part time companion, Mojo will always be there.

People believe in Genie because it spreads happiness and gives you rewards, so does MOJO!!!

Future Of Money : Cardless and Paperless

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Future Of Money : Cardless and Paperless

As electronic and mobile transactions keep on growing in volumes, it appears Paper money or cash is going to turn into a relic of the past. New payment innovations are quickening the advancement from paper cash and metal coins to computerized cash. With the push to move far from costly, wasteful, and powerless money based exchanges, digital money offers ascend to a unique advanced cashless experience that makes a practical framework and financial future for everybody.
It won’t be too long before the cash in form of paper that you are bearing in your wallet turns into a showpiece thing – alright well a futile bit of garbage may be more adept. We accept the eventual fate of payments, transactions and managing an account is in the cellular telephone and portable wallet. It’s speedier, it is way more secure, or more all it gives us the capacity to communicate with our clients when they spend. When was the last time you were able to see your current balance or rate on your paper?
Money that will be used in the near future is designed to be used everyday, wherever you are, but you won’t pull out paper or card from your wallet – you’ll be using your phone. Your mobile phone is at the core of your all the transactions and payments.
Mobile Phones have been an impetus for a significant part of the change, but it is important to remember that it is still very much a cash-based world, as assessments demonstrate that 85% of customer exchanges worldwide are still finished with paper bills and metal coin. But as the time progresses people are believing that doing money transactions digitally is the best option. Their money is secure and all the transactions are fast too. So it looks believable that future of money will surely be cradless and paperless.
While nations differ in terms of moving toward cards, mobile phones or other new advanced technologies for transactions, one thing is clear: ALL nations are attempting to move far from using relatively expensive and wasteful paper cash and metal coins for making installments.

The future of cash will influence computerized and versatile advances to empower the formation of new lower-cost, profoundly effective transaction solutions. This future will be cardless and paperless. It may take a LONG time, but it will surely turn into reality someday.